Monday, December 5, 2011

Kailyn Got Glasses!

 After she found out she needed them (she is losing sight in one eye) she was soooo upset- especially because she found out she isn't a candidate for contacts. She was crying and asked if we could get a milkshake and fries. As we went through the McDonald's drive through I was warning her of the dangers of eating to console yourself especially when you are older and don't have the metabolism for it.
 I don't think my lesson sunk in because when we got home and I asked her what she wanted for dinner she said "pizza- I need more comfort food"

She picked super cute glasses that are totally funky and original and totally her. She hasn't adjusted to wearing them yet because they are forcing her bad eye to work and that makes things seem less in focus then when she has the glasses off and her brain just shuts the bad eye off all together. Plus by the end of the day her eyes are super tired because they are having to work so hard in the glasses. She is probably going to end up having vision therapy but they want her to wear her glasses for a bit first so we go in January for the consultation.

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Brittney said...

K- You are so beautiful!! I love you so much! I hope you always know that. Beautiful inside and out. Your glasses are darling and they fit you perfectly!